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Just got 200+ old emails delivered

I've just spent three hours reading FAQS and forum posts to find out why an email went missing this morning. I think I understand why now. VM is switching off its POP3 servers and handling email via gmail instead (to its obvious financial benefit), with a POP3 front end to provide simulated access. Except the POP3 front end doesn't quite work properly and doesn't obey client instructions to delete or retain messages.


I was about to post a constructive solution for people, like me, who access their email from multiple machines and who dont trust Virgin (and _certainly_ don't trust Google) to store their emails securely in perpetuity. This involves using IMAP on secondary machines, and POP3 with the delete option on the primary client.


Having used the "recent" option recommended on the FAQs, I've just received over 200 old emails, dumped into my primary machine's inbox, which my client filters have distributed for me among all my email folders. This is despite having deleted (or so I thought) all my messages from the virgin servers.


It will take me HOURS to clean up this mess - and what guranatee do I have that it won't happen again?


I understand from reading the posts that VM has been preparing for this switchovere for at least two years. That they've conducted trials with a subset of volunteer users. Yet still the new system fundamentally doesn't support basic aspects of the standard POP3 email protocol. Thank goodness I'm not relying on this to run a business.




When releasing a new service, you do it gradually and with the consent of your customers. You do not impose a buggy system en-masse and then wait for the complaints so that you can sort it out.


To say I'm furious hardly does justice to how I feel right now.

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