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Is this even funny anymore? - Extreme speeds and pings.

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About a month and half a go we started to have issues with speeds. Instead of 20Mb (XL package), we started to get everything but that, understand, not more than 2Mb, especially in peak times.

We are tolerant and we let a week pass by with worsening connection, occasional DC to keep us aware and than we called to VM.

Suppossedly, there was a maintenance in the area.

Another week passed by and internet slowly but surely worsened; we called them again, we didn't really get through anywhere. An engineer came to install our set top box (we got TV, yay) and told us there  was not any maintenance in the area and it's because we have students in the area eating our broadband.

Cool - just a question, we are here two years, two years with VM, but it started suddently NOW? The students are here all time.

This was about a month ago.

Till than, the internet tragically dropped.

Our 'peak time' is now officially starting between 10am-12pm and ending at 2am!!!! In that period of time we can't access anything.

The internet times out.

I can't prove most of the aweful moments through speed or ping tests, because IT JUST DOESNT GO THROUGH - we can't load the sites.

We are no heavy DLers. We play online games though and that is one of two reasons we got internet - to keep in touch with families through email and to play games online.

We are though, unable to do so, and paid subsriptions to games are passing away.

VM promised us downgrade for free to 10Mb. We are still 20.

They also promised to NOT charge us the two bills in the full amount, since we are having almost no internet. Neither that is done.

We can't update our PCs because the packages don't get downloaded within hours.

We can't do almost anything - except the very few hours of the morning - and even that sometimes just doesn't happen and we get throttled all day.

Just some examples which went ok:


Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms

  2     *      312 ms   119 ms

  3     *       50 ms     * []

  4    15 ms     *        * []

  5    81 ms   155 ms     * []

  6    33 ms     *      190 ms []

  7    34 ms   187 ms     * []

  8     *        *        *     Request timed out.

  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.

 10     *        *        *     Request timed out.

 11   218 ms   180 ms    33 ms

 12     *        *        *     Request timed out.

 13    55 ms     *        * []

 14     *        *      216 ms []

Trace complete.

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

 1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms

  2   241 ms   181 ms    28 ms

  3   103 ms    25 ms    61 ms []

  4     *        *      129 ms []

  5     *      255 ms    49 ms []

  6   378 ms     *      589 ms []

  7     *       79 ms     * []

  8     *       62 ms   122 ms []

  9   183 ms   114 ms     * []

 10     *       59 ms     *

 11   617 ms     *      322 ms

 12   367 ms     *        * []

 13     *        *      414 ms []

Trace complete.


For me isn't issue the speed. I'm quite ok with anything up to 5Mb. The thing which extremely ticks me off is the latency issue we started to have. Something what makes all gaming impossible; something what makes browsing time out most of the time; something what just doesn't allow normal 'internet work' to happen, unlike slower speeds.


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Re: Is this even funny anymore? - Extreme speeds and pings.

Come on VM. 


Contact the OP and get them sorted,  Clearly something's wrong and, according to the OP's report, your charging him for a near-fictitious service.  That needs sorting.

Seph - (My advice is at your risk)

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Re: Is this even funny anymore? - Extreme speeds and pings.

I have an engineer coming out on friday but I believe it's a problem elsewhere, there are too many posts on here and the newsgroups about sudden high pings in gaming for it to be a problem at my house.


I see you're from Newcastle, so am I.


I have excellent download speed when it finally connects, upload is non-existant. Latency is shocking, cannot play any games at all. SKype also sucks with it.


After years of loyalty from when Blueyonder was first spawned, I'm finally thinking of giving up if the techy can't fix it. 


that goes for the TV too, you only get a good deal if you go all-in.

BEThere Nov 2010 - present
Virgin Media NE2 2007- present. Going ok as of 24/1/11
Plusnet 2005-2007
Blueyonder from inception to 2005

Bring black Blueyonder Smiley Sad
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Re: Is this even funny anymore? - Extreme speeds and pings.

Comcast did some research to inform their traffic management policy and found that P2P networks took up a large chunk of upload capacity.  This is what the introduction said:


"Comcast’s HSI network is a shared network. This means that our HSI customers share

upstream and downstream bandwidth with their neighbors. Although the available bandwidth is

substantial, so, too, is the demand. Thus, when a relatively small number of customers in a

neighborhood place disproportionate demands on network resources, this can cause congestion

that degrades their neighbors’ Internet experience. In our experience, over the past several years,

the primary cause of congestion (particularly in the upstream portion of our network) has been

the high-volume consumption of bandwidth associated with use of certain peer-to-peer (“P2P”)

protocols. In order to tailor our network management efforts to this reality, Comcast’s current

congestion management practices were designed to address this primary contributor to

congestion. Our objective in doing so was to provide all our customers with the best possible

broadband Internet experience in the marketplace."


This could be what you(and possibly others) are experiencing right now.

Seph - (My advice is at your risk)

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Re: Is this even funny anymore? - Extreme speeds and pings.


My husband just decided this is far over their competency and we decided to change the ISP.

So we will suffer few more weeks with this **bleep** and than hopefully it will be a bit better.

At least, the latencies.



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Re: Is this even funny anymore? - Extreme speeds and pings.

This certainly is not funny anymore. I've complained for the last 2 years had modems changed "Old unable to cope with new signals"

Customer services in Feb 2009 implied that I was a liar and the survey results that my son who has a degree in Computer sciences compiled where not worth the paper they were written on.

So we come to this month. Last week 18/11/09 rang, undertook the testing of equipment between 3-30pm told that it was a problem Virgin Media's side so they would phone me back in 1 hour. Did they, I've learnt my lesson because when I phoned at 5pm was told no record of my problem had been recorded, requested the manager to phone me, that didn't happen either. To night 18.45 unable to access email on virgin media site as my mail programme kept on being timed out.

Help line unable to help unless diagnostic test were taken, I refused insisted on speaking to the manger who came on line and admitted that it was Virgin Media's problem they could see that it was one of speed but by the end of the telephone call it was dropping packages as wel. Engineer booked for this Saturday.

Our local evening paper ran an article and it appears that Cardiff Have some of the worst speeds in the entire UK. Come of it Virgin Media, this is the Capital city; with a population of around 300,000 people this is increased by around 100,000 students throughout the year. VM you have over sold your product but you don't have the broad band capacity to meet the demand. You cannot admit this as it would affect your share price, I'm one of your share holders by the way through my investment funds, and it would not look good in the market place alongside BSkyB.

If it is being suggested  that at the end of the day the customer has to suffer, and that we do then I will certainly be looking to chang my ISP in the next few months.

By the way VM according to the top subjects on the forums, which are the best way to customer views, it appears that at 21.09 on 25/11/09 speed is the problem. It says a lot that you don't take your customers problems and solve them