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Is it possible to have two broadband modem in one house?



I know I should probably call Virgin Media operator directly, but I just want to gather some thoughts before I do so.


I'm subscribing to the Virgin Media package for students for the duration of 9 months. I've been using it for 6 months now.

But, I plan to move out next month to a shared house that already has a broadband.


My question is, is it possible to have two phone line for the broadbands in one house.

If yes, how much is the charged for installation of a new phone line and such?


Thank you. 

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Re: Is it possible to have two broadband modem in one house?

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Hi Shai

If you are moving into a house that already has broadband services, then it may be possible to take your existing service into the new property regardless of whether there is already a service there. For a definitive answer on this you would however need to speak to our customer services or movers team. 150 from a virginmedia handset or 08454541111 from any other line.


Edit - Should have mentioned that the phone line is nothing to do with cabled broadband, you may be able to get broadband installed without taking a phoneline if this is your preferred option.

Kind Regards,

Steve Brett
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