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Ip cloning

Hi i recently found a hacking console on my screen after shutting off my web page i noticed my pc was less responsive i have performed a full format and reinstallation but have noticed activity on my my modem when my pc was turned off which i believe to be someone port scanning me.

Is it possible for someone to clone your ip or mac address if they know your ip my modem is a cisco 2100 wired type ?


thanks jondodd

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Re: Ip cloning

Hi jondodd,


The network broadcasts to all connected modems all the time, and the modem itself talks to the network whether your PC is on or not. And we do occasionally run port scans as part of our network security checking.


We also operate security systems to ensure that devices with cloned MAC addresses will not gain access to the network and, as the IP address is tied to the MAC address, then cloning an IP address would be pointless.

John Haggerty
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