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Internet working but not wifi?

Laptop working via ethernet but non of our laptops will work via wifi?

trying to get through to VM but can't.

Any advice?


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Re: Internet working but not wifi?

Try logging into the router and changing the wifi channel that your wireless is using.  I had problems with mine clashing with other nearby transmitters (next door's wifi, the tv video sender etc).  Works fine now though.  If you're not sure how to do it, call 150 and they'll either talk you through it or do it remotely for you.

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Re: Internet working but not wifi?

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are you on a hub or super hum - change the mode to 145 - also check if something has reset and changed the security passphrase - if that has happened you need to set it back


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Re: Internet working but not wifi?


Hi muwrujulap


Can you try a pin hole rest of the modem and also go in to the advanced wireless settings and check that the SSID broadcast is ticked.

If this dose not resolve the fault can you call in and we can run some tests

Michael Bradley
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