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Internet keeps disconnecting

I have been told by your tecs that the problem is with my router (Authentification issue) but I cannot afford to buy a new router, as Virgin refused to supply me with a new router when I upgraded my computer in 2008 even though I had been a loyal customer for 6 years. The router in question is the Netgear DG834Gv4. They tell me to check the filters etc. change the cable, use the master socket, I could now do this blindfold as I have had this problem on and off for over 2 years. About a month ago my BT line went off and it took 3 days before it was on again. During this time I was only getting 8mgs speed with my ADSL but the router stayed on green light for the whole time with no disconnections. When the BT telephone line was fixed and I was getting my usual 14mgs the disconnections started again, so therefore the problem is not with the router as your tecs stated. Sometimes I stay connected for 4 hours and sometimes only for 20 mins now. I noticed an earlier post and that person had a similar problem and the outcome was the line speed issue with the exchange - could this be my problem? I am seriously considering moving to another ISP as least then I will get a free router and hopefully a more stable connection especially if the new ISP has control over the exchange. I am paying £19.99 for a 24/7 service which I am clearly not getting.

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Re: Internet keeps disconnecting

Hi Ryder08


               If you have performed all the steps mentioned in the below post ( see link) and you are still keep disconnecting that as you have done you would need to contact technical support as a fault may need to be raised.


If they believe your router is causing the issue the only way to test that theory is to either borrow a router that's is ADSL 2 compatible from a friend, relative or work colleague. You could also try your router on there ADSL connection to see if the same thing is happening.


If you find that the router is not causing your problem you have a stronger case to take to Technical support.


Any 3rd party router you try please note down the Make and model number & make sure the firmware is up-to-date this information will be asked if a fault is to be raised.


If you find your router is causing the problem and is out of warrantee with virgin media I can only advise you to contact customer services on 0845 454 2222 opt 1 as they may be able to assist you.






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