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Internet connection broken



I've recently set up my laptop for wireless, but for some reason i can't connect to the internet. All the right lights on the router are green and the laptop has picked up the virgin broadband connection. The error message says 'the connection between my modem or router and the network is broken'.

I've turned the router and modem off and reset the router, i've tried to set up the xbox and psp for wireless but they keep coming up with the same thing.


I have noticed that the green ready light is not going on when i connect to wireless but is fine when i connect to the internet via wired on my pc ( i hope that makes sense). I've tried leaving the modem on to see if anything changes before starting the laptop but still nothing.


Please can you help Smiley Happy

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Re: Internet connection broken

Hi pgreg,


It sounds like the Modem is remembering the address of your PC as attached and therefore is not offering the router a valid IP address. Try leaving the modem off for a minute or 2 and connecting the wireless router to it. When you turn the modem on wait till the lock on sequence has completed then reboot the wireless router. The router should then get a valid IP address and the internet light on the router should go green.


You can verify if the router is getting an IP address by going to the router config pages and checking the status of the connection (varies by router). Let me know which router you have if you don't know how to do this and I can advise for the specific model.



Paul McD

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