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I have a few questions and hope I can get some answers as soon as possible;



  • I've had a 50mb cable connection for the past 6 months. Can I downgrade to a lower plan and how will this impact the contract? Will I have to renew another contract to 12 months?
  • Am I able to put my service on hold for a period of a few months due to me being out of the country, such that I do not pay for a few months but still fulfill the 12 month minimum?
  • How long does it take to cancel a contract if the above two is not possible or can I specify a cancellation date?



Much thanks!

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Re: Inquiries



You will need to contact VM for the answers too these, call 150 and use the option of I am thinking of leaving.


It takes 1mths notice to cancel a contract if you are under a contract of 12mths then you will need to pay a cancellation fee.



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Re: Inquiries

Alright, I'll ring them up today. Thanks

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Re: Inquiries

Hi Zeratos,


Have your queries now been answered by our Customer Care team?


Rose Rafferty

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