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Identities/different email accounts

A while ago I set up emails accounts in both my husbands and my names. We just used to use the switch identities option if needed. I have sent some test emails to my husbands ac from mine and also a friend has emailed my husbands ac and we aren't receiving the emails - (though we are able to send from this ac) I only noticed this problem yesterday as his ac is only used as an alternative email address. I am wondering if this has happened after the change identities option was discontinued. I have gone into the ac and tried to fix it - although it says his ac is sending and receiving. But when I followed the instructions to change the pop3 and smtp numbers to 465 and 995 respectively it stopped working. If I leave these numbers to the default it says it is sending and receiving ok. Are these emails going somewhere else that I need to access? Checked on webmail too and there are no new test messages on his ac. Sure this is prob something simple I am doing wrong. Thanks all!

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Re: Identities/different email accounts

Hi rachelb100,


Please login to webmail again and check the spam folder. I believe that these emails may be being mistakenly identified as spam.

Any mail sent to the spam folder will not download to your email client.


If you do locate the missing emails there, please mark them all as Not Spam. This will automatically transfer them to the webmail inbox which will then download to your client. 

Once your emails have been unmarked as spam, any new emails sent by that sender will go to the inbox.


If the above does not apply, please check the spam and/or filtering options on your email client or check in webmail settings to ensure that email forwarding is not set up.

Forum Team

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