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Re: ITV HD in Scotland

First point is to the Virgin guys. I think, certainly i my area (Meridian) we get a regional ITV1 HD channel now as when the local news is shown on the channel it is out local Meridian News. This has only been in the last couple of months though, before we only had the ITV1 London region HD. ITV1 HD is not shown in Scotland (Except the Borders region as this is owned by ITV) only STV HD is shown on channel 113.


Secondly as previous people have said, it is not IVT plc's fault what STV HD puts on their channel as they are a seperate company/franchise to ITV. Perhaps lobby them to start buying ITV programming again and showing it. As people have said, STV own the franchise for broadcasting in Scotland (apart from borders) so you are actually lucky that you get ITV1 at all on Virgin.

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