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Humble suggestion for superhub replacement

Just saw this, think it should be forwarded to the powers that be!
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Re: Humble suggestion for superhub replacement

but going by netgears previous attempts at the cable modem side of the business and also the adsl side i wouldnt trust them any more


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Re: Humble suggestion for superhub replacement

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From a different forum;-


A few concerns have been raised regarding the performance of the Superhub, and these have been addressed in the pending firmware update, which is currently undergoing beta testing, (having already been successfully tested internally).


I'll be honest with you and say that I am not certain if the failure to login to the configuration pages is a Superhub fault or not. As you can achieve this by rebooting into safe mode, then it could be a security software issue on your pc. 


We'll wait for the release of the R36 firmware and if that doesn't resolve your problem, let us know and we'll investigate further for you.


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I had years of Netgear Nightmares. In my business, their routers hitting the bin on a regular basis. They had a fabulous ability to conk out a few months after warranty, which infuriated me. But I was always suprised that both Sky and Virgin used them. The wireless on my Superhub is awful, and now are we to believe that it's got issues over the speed doubling? 
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