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How to turnparental control off

I am the only person living in my house, and as an adult, I do not need the parental controls, it is driving me insane keep having to type in the pin number every time I want to view something on demand, which is the main way I watch TV anyway, I very rarely watch live TV.  However when looking up on the Virgin media help pages it says to turn off the parental controls, go into home - settings - parental controls, then turn 'view recorded content' off.  But I haven't got a 'vew recorded content' option.  Please help!!!

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Re: How to turnparental control off

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You cannot turn it off. You can put it on the lowest settings but you cannot fully turn it off. What your reading is how to turn the pin off for recorded programs on the v+

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Re: How to turnparental control off

Just to follow up on what champs said it's a legal obligation for showing rated content early in the day.

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