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How to change primary Virgin Media email?

So this is a huge issue for me as an account holder, I know this used to be possible through the old MyVM interface but technical support are now telling me I can no longer do this and even went as far as to tell me I had to speak to customer service to delete my whole account, then have a brand new account setup.


My issue: I want to change the primary address that is shown on the MyVM page under "My Profile" -> "My Services". I, as the billpayer, currently have full access to someone in the household's email account as it is set as the primary address. All I want to do is to simply demote that to a standard secondary webmail account, and promote one of my secondaries to the main account. I was escalated through to 4 people (eventually to a man who claimed to be the floor manager) who all told me this wasn't possible even after explaining to them that it was previously possible to do without calling technical support.


This is such a simple request and it's so frustrating that such a huge security issue wasn't even rendering with the tech team I was put through to.


Has anyone experienced this issue or can provide some input as to what I can do to resolve this?

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Re: How to change primary Virgin Media email?

This is an issue that has been raised ofter on this forum.  Take a look at this thread; it might help:

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Re: How to change primary Virgin Media email?

It has never been possible to change the Primary email address for a Secondary email address as only the Primary email address has control of your account.


Now one change that came in with the move to the Googlemail platform was the option to change the Primary email address for another email address such as a Gmail account but this has drawbacks in that in doing so it will disable the other persons email address.


It appears that when you had your account activated that you allowed this other person to chose the first email address which is always the Primary  email address, this is not a Virgin Media issue as you the account holder allowed this to happen, therefore the issue is of your own making.


Now as per my previous post linked to above the correct procedure is outlined below to change the Primary email address.


All they need to do is change your Primary billing email address to say a Gmail account say anyone@gmail or similar which can be done quite easily and quickly by any agent, you would then change the password, your date of birth and the security question and this will give you control back over your account.


Now this can be done as I have done this before being made redundant when they closed the Albert Dock call centre earlier this year and anyone that tells you otherwise is either does not know their job or they are lying to you.


You will lose access to the original Primary email address but that is a small price to pay for piece of mind.




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Re: How to change primary Virgin Media email?

Hi Masam123,


Peter is correct unfortunately at the moment we are unable to change the primary e-mail address.

We are looking to add more functionality to this area in the future.


Any front line Technical Support agent should be able to amend your account so that you can use a third party login to access your primary MyVM account.


This would be used as the login username for MyVM and webmail instead of the existing email address, and although a client can still use the email address as a username, the password for that email account would change with your MyVM password.

Leanne K
Help & Support Forum Team

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