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How to change IP Address for VM

Hi, I am looking to change my IP address but apparently you can't do it with Virgin Media. Can anyone give me a step guide/tutorial or just simply tell me how to change my I.P address, I want to get on Websites which I am banned from...

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Re: How to change IP Address for VM



The only way be would be to clone your PC mac address onto your router if you are using a super hub then not possible unless you use it in modem mode.


The best alternative would be to get unbanned from the website.



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Re: How to change IP Address for VM



You would need to contact the providers of the website as they probably banned you for a reason and in which reason that means they dont want you back on the website, which would mean you need to contact them to find out why you were banned and to see if they can lift the ban. Getting help from Virgin would be not fair for website itself.