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How long does it take to install 30M cable service ?

I am wondering how long does it take to to install 30M cable service ?

If I order now can I get it before Xmas ????!!!


Many thanks


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Re: How long does it take to install 30M cable service ?

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Well i ordered 30mb on the 30th September and i'm still waiting for it to be installed. It has been nothing but a farce from start to finish. First install attempt took place on the 25th October. Unfortunately, nobody turned up to "pull the cable", so the installer couldn't connect me up. I was then told it would take two weeks to arrange a "cable pull". Apparently, i should have had a pre-install visit to identify this need. He refused to at least run the internal cable so i could put my furniture back, and just moaned how he wouldn't be paid for the visit. After a lot of phone calls and messages, I eventually rebooked everything for today and tomorrow 8/9th December. Today was the pre-installation visit, and tomorrow the actual install. Supervisor turned up and said the install was vey straight forward. He asked when the installation was. I told him tomorrow. He said he thought it unlikely, as cable pulls should be done the week before. He phoned his boss, only to be told there was no install for the cable pull booked. He left saying i needed to ring Virgin....! Rang Virgin, and i great lady from Nottingham called Joanne who said she would look into everything. She was actually superb and managed to get throug to the install team and arrange for them to pull the cable this afternoon. She finished at 2pm, so just wished me good look and said she would check next tuesday that everything was fine. Only trouble is, nobody turned up or called me this afternoon. So it looks like tomorrows install is not going ahead. I have the same problem as last time. No cable for the installer to connect to. I have rang back, and somebody else is looking in to it. But he finished work at 5.30 and never rang back. He did promise to hand it over to somebody else before leaving. I don't know if to laugh or cry. I have NEVER received such poor treatment from any company in my entire life... So installed for Xmas....maybe, but which year might be nearer the truth.
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Re: How long does it take to install 30M cable service ?

Hi Goboost,


Installation timeframes can vary so the best piece of advise I can give is to call Customer Services on either 150 or 0845 454 1111 and enquire about an installation.


Kind Regards,



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