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How do i cancel my package?

Good morning,


Can someone let me know how to cancel my current virgin media bundle ? I had a sky salesman offer me a better deal, and when i contacted Virgin to speak to them about it , i was met with a sarcastic and rude member of staff.

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Re: How do i cancel my package?

Hi there
The only way to cancel is over the phone.
You will need to call 150 and choose the leaving us option.

Claire D
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Re: How do i cancel my package?

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You most likely got thorugh to customer services which can be pretty poor, but from my experience Sky's is shocking.


Anyway to cancel you have to go through retentions who are usually more helpful and will probably be able to match or better the deal Sky are offering.

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Re: How do i cancel my package?

If you call tomorrow after 0800 on 150 from a Virginmedia phone line or 0845 454 1111 from any other phone line and press option 5 option 2 and if you forget your password press zero then you will be able to speak to Customer Relations and advise them of your issue.


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