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How do I set up a manual IP configuration



I have a superhub & 30mb broadband.  I want connect my Sky+ HD box to the hub to receive Sky anytime+.


Including the Sky box the hub now has 4 ethernet connections


  1. Sky+ HD
  2. Bluray
  3. PC
  4. NAS HDD

However I am getting a SERVICE CONNECTION FAIL error.


If I remove the Sky, PC and NAS ethernet cables and then plug in the Sky cable I can connect ok, I then reconnect the other cables and everything works ok until the following morning when I get the service connection error again.


I have swapped the cables over to ensure it isn't a fault with one of the cables but this hasn't made any difference.


Sky's forum advised that I set up a Manual IP configuration on the Sky box to avoid any IP address conflict happening with my connections.  However, this would be need to be specific to the hub I am using.


The info the sky box is asking for is


  • IP Address        ---,---,---,---
  • Subnet              ---,---,---,---
  • Gateway Router ---,---,---,---
  • DNS                  ---,---,---,---

The 4 ethernet connections, plus printer, games and mobile phones etc gives me 12 devices attached so far.


Can you please advise what these setting should be?


Many thanks,




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Re: How do I set up a manual IP configuration

Hi Tony-S,


Under normal circumstances we would not support a connection to Sky equipment as it is a 3rd party device.


We can provide you with the settings you require but we would be unable to provide any set-up instructions for the Sky+ HD box.


You will need to call us for these settings as we are unable to discuss I.P. address information via the forums.


Please call 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0845 454 1111.

I work for Virgin Media but my opinions are my Own
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