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How do I 'port' my BT number to Virgin?

Hi can anyone help me please as this issue is really confusing me.

I have arranged an installation for Virgin to put in a phone line next week (I already have Broadband with them). When I first agreed the deal over the phone no mention was made of keeping my original BT phone number so I just assumed this was done as a matter of course.

Since then I have rung Virgin back and they have said that I need to ring BT to cancel my account with them and AFTER the installation I should ring them (Virgin) to swap the phone numbers over.

However when I spoke to BT they said that if I cancel with them the phone number will be lost and Virgin will not be able to take it.

Who is right here?

What should I do?

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Re: How do I 'port' my BT number to Virgin?

Hi mergleb


Apologies for the incorrect advice from our end.


You do need to keep the line active with BT.


We can only port a number that is active.


If the line is cancelled, the number is recycled and eventually re-issed to another customer.


If you could call up, again, our Customer Service team should fully understand your (simple) request.


If you could send me a Private Message to me with your address details, I will note your account to stop any further confusion.



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