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How do I find my WPA key?

I need to connect a work laptop to my home network.  Can't install the Virgin Wireless Manager on work laptop (no admin rights to install, the techie's here say it wouldnt install properly without corrupting some work settings).  So I need a work around.  I can see the network listed on the computer, but when I try to connect I'm asked for a WPA key - I've tried putting in my wireless password but it doesnt work.  Can't find the WPA address anywhere.  Any ideas?

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Re: How do I find my WPA key?



Sounds strange as what you are doing should work. Providing you are sure that the WPA key you are using is correct (no offence intended - I've done it myself Smiley Very Happy) then the other thing to check is if you have MAC filtering enabled on the router? If that is the case then even with the right WPA key the router won't allow the work laptop to connect.


It looks like you'll need to log onto the router anyway (you can find the WPA key on one of the advanced security pages of the router admin site - I forget which one specifically, apologies) - once you've logged on you can check to see if MAC filtering is enabled. If it is then that could well be your problem and you can either add your work laptop's MAC details or turn it off temporarily as a test and see if it works at that point.





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Re: How do I find my WPA key?

A friend of mine rang me saying his sons laptop wouldnt log on to his wireless network and he was using the right password, I asked him had he made sure his caps lock wasnt on he checked and it was after he turned it off he logged on ok. Was your key written down or are you doing it from memory.



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