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Help me use a bulk mailer program and

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I use a bulk mailer program (Atomic Mail Sender) to send legit emails to the contractor agencies with whom I'm registered.


It worked fine with my previous broadband provider, BT, after they did something their end to allow it to work.


Now I've moved over to vitginmedia broadband it's stopped working. When I try to use it with smtp dot virginmedia dot com on port 465 and using the ESMTP RFC 2554 authentication protocol, but I keep getting SMTP errors 10004, 10061 (which I believe means that the smtp sever is refusing the connection??)


If instead I try smtp dot virgin dot net on port 25 I don't get those errors, instead the authentication fails--but it does prove that my firewall isn't blocking the email software.


Any help much appreciated, thanks


PS I should have said that I'm able to send and receive ok with MS Outlook just not the bulk mailer

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Re: Help me use a bulk mailer program and

Hi Highton-Ridley,

 Our support is limited for this fault as we can not support the Atomic Mail Sender. Would you be able to advise what they did their end as we may be able to pass it to our platform support team to investigate if we can do something.


Paul Buchanan
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Re: Help me use a bulk mailer program and



It's Paul here, from AtomPark Software. I was alerted that you have some issues with Atomic Mail Sender and SMTP settings. Please contact our support team and we will help you. Here is the link -




Paul Shuteyev
AtomPark Software JSC
Certified Marketing and SEO specialist
Phone: +371 26734024
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