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why cant i send or receive picture messages? i have followed the set up instructions and checked them again and again. when i get a picture or video text message, the message reads - get media content now (28Kb). when  click on the link all that happens is the phone sounds, no other error message or instruction.  i tried to send myself a picture message, got an error report saying cant send message, try again. i try again and i get exactly the same error message.  can anyone help please?  thanks

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In order to send and receive MMS you need to enable mobile data (3G). Go to Settings > Mobile network > Data connection > On. Also, from the settings screen, scroll down to Access point and make sure the correct one is active. On my Lumia 920 the only access point listed is EE, but that works fine for MMS. Now, send yourself a picture message to "activate" MMS on your phone.

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Its a bug in the system that hasnt been sorted yet. Exactly the same on my HTC Windows 8s.


The MMSC (URL)  setting needs to be But when it is saved, the phone automatically defaults it to and as a result, will not send or receive picture messages. 


HTC Technical Escalations team advised me to contact my network provider, Virgin, to see if they have a solution as, according to them,  this seems to be a network issue and not a phone issue?


Virgin say that have passed it onto HTC, who will liase with Microsoft. They've left it in their capable hands to explore the issue and identify anything they need to change with the software? 








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Hi jen4243,


There's a few workarounds to this issue if the phone is removing the :8002 prefix in the mms settings.


Please see this thread and my last 2 posts on the 1st page have workarounds for the 8x that have been tested by the handset testing team.


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
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