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Fibre Optic Available in my area?

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I want to switch to virgin media A.S.A.P because I am really getting **bleep** service off Talk Talk Smiley Frustrated


Now I don't want my internet down a phone line.... I want fibre optic internet.


I went onto the virginmedia postcode checker, typed in my postcode then clicked my address.

It sais im not in a fibre optic area? 


now when I go back, type in the same postcode but this time I clicked my next door's neighbour's address it's working perfectly fine saying that he's in a fibre optic area? In fact I clicked all of the addresses that showed up on my postcode which are all houses like next door and in front of my house and they all are in a fibre optic 'area'


Do you think that this is an error or is it just randomly not having a single house not have fibre optic internet?


I got my refrence number when i typed in more details, it said they will get in contact with us soon but yeah I just want to know now really Smiley Frustrated


also in front of my house I got 2 lines, one's comming from a post which is the phone line from talk talk i'm currently using and there's another comming out of a brown box thing out of the ground, its sais telewest, im thinking that used to be virgin media...but hey that could show that I can have fibre optic?


- kambiz

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Re: Fibre Optic Available in my area?

Hi Kambiz


If you email with your details they will be able to look into this for you.


Lee Grant

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