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Extremely angry, nothing but trouble since day i joined.

A few weeks ago i put in a request to be informed when fibre optic broadband would be available in my area as i seen some virgin streetworks just down the road from me. i recieved a call a few weeks later saying that it was possible to have this put in, and was given a date for it to be done. between then i spoke to the person who called me and said it was possible to confirm that is it fibre optic being put in and not down the phone line, as i had my doubts when i was told 20meg was the best i could have, but i thought fine they must know what tey are on about and i left it at that. a few days before i was due to be done someone came around for me to sign the documents, which stated it would cost me £21 per month, and nothing else. At this time i noticed it said NATIONAL at the top of the paperwork and asked again, is it definately fiber optic im having put in, and again was confirmed that it was. However, when the day came i expected an engineer around to fit this, it got to around dinnertime and rang virgin to see what time they would be coming, but was then informed it had already been done, and that my phone line was ready for the ADSL!


I was not happy at all, i specifically did not want ADSL as the phone lines are not good around here and we are far from the exchange, we had BT before and was only getting 1.8Meg at most, but i was told they offer faster speeds and i could get up to 2.8meg which is not the best but better than what it was so i decided to give it a try. Also when i rang my wireless kit had not even been ordered for me so i am still waiting for this, so i have had to borrow a router untill this time. I have since put a router in and i am to say the least furious, my connection speed is 0.34meg, and has been since day one, which is only a few days ago but even thought there is the 10 day stabilization period it should not be this low. when i had bt the first few days was alot higher than this so it seems to me ive been lied to yet again. This is not all.....


I paid £35 upfront to have this installed, and was told it would be £21 per month and thats it, and i have the signed paperwork to prove this. I come to check my bill online and i am now expected to pay £75 on my first bill! ive paid £35 already (for apparant installation when no one even entered my house to do anything) and now they want £49.99 (which i was not told about)  for something and my monthly bill is £33! not £21. If something is not done about this i will be cancelling the lot, and the £10 discount for the router not being sent does not come close to making up for the frustration and lies of ahving to put up with something i did not want in the first place. I would not be so angry but i asked at least 3 times is it definately fibre optic im having and i was told yes!, and that £75 first bill is a joke. unless i get a large discount off this, and the speed is drastically improved to at least near what i was told the line could handle (2.8meg) i will be cancelling it as i am not paying a penny for a 0.34meg connection and ill be contacting trading standards about all this, as one mistake i can take, but all of what ive explained is an absolute joke. i get a faster speed plugging my phone into the computer!


I hope something is done about this promptly and my complaint taken seriously as untill all this i thought Virgin were a good service provider unlike BT.


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Re: Extremely angry, nothing but trouble since day i joined.

I have the same wireless kit problem. I didn't receive my router, I phoned up CS they said they reordered, after 3days of waiting, we phoned up again and they said they cannot track it, hence they are ordering a new one.

in my case i paid £85! in my first bill which included connection cost and the monthly costs. I phoned up cs , a nice man came on the line saying he reordered the router and i should be receiving it shortly. but i demanded to get a discount sicne i was not being able to use the internet for more than 2weeks. they gave me a month off my broadband bill (£20). I received a email yesterday saying the router has been shipped, although it does still show £85 on my bill. I hope when i get my router , it will have good speed. i will keep you updated. 

I also did switch from bt to virgin. bt used to give me 1.30mb/sec, and yeah i have national broadband not fibre optic.

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Re: Extremely angry, nothing but trouble since day i joined.

Hello Simonslw,


Sorry to hear you have been having these problems with us.


If you have been activated on an exchanged that has a training period then the speed can start off at anything. I have been unable to locate any details on you so haven't been able to test/check your line.


Please send me your account details via a PM so I can have a look at your line, cant't say I'll be able to do anything if you are still within the training period. But I might be able to clear up one or two questions.


I'm back on the forum on sunday so might not be able to respond untill then.



Kind Regards,

Help & Support Forum Team

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