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Eudora setup

I've just had a heap of fun closing my ntl account in Scotland, moving to devon and setting up a new mail account. Of course I am now informed I can no longer access the account and cannot get tied back in to that address so I have to mail everyone I know showing thwem a change in mail adddress which is a real pain in the baws


Anyway the next problem was getting stuff setup on Eudora so that I could sent and receive


I am using Eudora


Using the Tools>Options way in the settings from the top are

Getting Started

Real Name - as per

Email address -

mail Server (Incoming) -

user name - your full mail address here

SMTP Serrver (Outgoign) -

Allow authentication - UNTICKED


Checking Mail

mail Server -

user name : full mail address here

secure sockets when receiving: select REQUIRED, ALTERNATE PORT


Incoming Mail

Server Configuration: POP

Authentication Style: I chose PASSWORDS here but I've been told it shouldnae be - however mine works


Sending Mail

Email address : Full mail address here

SMTP Server :

SMTP relay Personality : None

Allow Authentication : UNCHECKED

Use Submission Port (587) : UNCHECKED

Secure Sockets when Sending:  Select REQUIRED, ALTERNATE PORT


This got it working


Seems easy but took three hours, multiple phone calls, patience and trial and errror

but if yir like me and hate Outlook and MS products plus don't want web access from home machine it was worth the effort



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