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Ethernet connection works but WiFi doesn't - please help!

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I've just had the Super Hub installed yesterday and I've signed up for the 60MB service. I live in a 3 bedroom house and I am the only one that will use the Internet. The Super Hub has been installed downstairs near to the Virgin Media TV box, but should not be affected by interence from any other devices.


My problem is that I just cannot seem to get the WiFi working correctly. Using the factory settings, I can connect my laptop to the WiFi, but it is PAINFULLY SLOW and webpages barely load/open up. So I read up on the forums about boosting WiFi signal and troubleshooting etc. I have tried the following:-


Changing the encryption to WPA2-PSK[AES]

Changing all of the WiFi channels.

Changing username/password.


Changing to wireless band 2.4GHz.

Changing mode to 145 Mbps.

NONE of the above has helped at all! Smiley Sad


So I have tried connecting to the Internet using an Ethernet cable with the Super Hub, just to make sure I was receiving a decent Internet connection, and this works fine. But I cannot get the WiFi to work properly at all!! Without being able to use the WiFi, it is completely useless, as I use a laptop and am upstairs most of the time. So I really need WiFi!! 


I know there is no problem with my laptop, as the property I used to live in had Sky Broadband and the WiFi speeds and connection were fantastic (and it also worked with my iPhone 4S!!!). Unfortuanely I can only use Virgin Media in the property that I'm in now, so I've got no choice but to stick with them. 


So any ideas on how I can get the WiFi working??!? Smiley Sad


Many thanks.

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Re: Ethernet connection works but WiFi doesn't - please help!

Hi DustyJaneway,


Sorry that you've been experiencing problems with your wireless, as you've already tried loads can you please try resetting the Superhub back to its factory defaults?


This is just to ensure that if there are any issues that they're irradicated, you can download programs such as INSSIDer to find out which channel is in your area is least utilised. 


Please post back to let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,

Lindsey P

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Re: Ethernet connection works but WiFi doesn't - please help!

It could be your laptop needs some new wireless drivers if its whats know as draft N, try setting the super hub to 54Mb for a test and see it that helps with your range.


If you need help finding upto date wifi drivers post back here and i will help you find if some are avalible.


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