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Email set up problems on Samsung Galaxy S2

Hi All,


Can anyone help me?


I have been having problems setting up my Virginmedia email on my Samsung Galaxy S2.


I originally set it up on the phone without problem. But I found that I was receiving the email only on my phone or on my laptop or PC, but never all.


I have read all of the threads regarding the use of 'recent' mode, and have set up both my laptop and PC (both using Outlook 2003) using 'recent' mode, and am receiving myemails on these without problem. However when I try and use 'recent' mode in the username section when setting up on my Samsung Galaxy S2, the response I get is that it is an 'invalid username' and won't allow me to progress any further.

Even if I do not use 'recent' mode on the phone, it registersthe email account and tells me that it is loading messages, but none ever arrive on the phone.


I have also changed my Virginmedia password as I saw suggested in another thread, but still to no avail.


I have both POP and IMAP enabled on my Virginmedia email account, but yet still I cannot get the account set up on my phone.


If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


Many thanks

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Re: Email set up problems on Samsung Galaxy S2

Hi James73,


Please refer to our help guide for our server settings. If your Samsung Galaxy S2 does not allow  'recent:username@domain' in the username section. Then I suggest you use IMAP settings on all devices as IMAP is enabled on your VirginMedia email account.

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