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Email account hijacking

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We've been seeing an increasing number of reports from our users whose email accounts have been hijacked and used to send spam email. We are investigating this issue but unfortunately this is a growing problem for all ISPs and email providers and has been over the last few years. We're looking into more ways to help combat this but in the meantime we'd advise all our email users to do the following:


1) Make sure you use a unique and strong password for your email account. If you use your email address password for anything else you run the risk of it being compromised if that site is hacked (for example this case). Read the following FAQ for advice on how to choose a strong and secure password.


2) Make sure you have an up to date virus checker on your computer. You can get the latest version of Virgin Media Security here


What to do if your account has been hijacked

Our help FAQ "What do I do if I think my  account has been accessed (hacked) by someone else?" will help you re-secure your email account. 


Also please report your case to our internet security team using this form:


Select "Security Enquiry/Phishing Report" then "other" and tell us the following:


1. Which email account was hijacked?
2. Were you using a strong password?
3. Have you used this password elsewhere, on another site or service?
4. Which of the following do you use:
a. Webmail?
b. An E-mail client with IMAP?
c. An E-mail client with POP?
5. Have you scanned your computer with an updated Virus/Malware scanner? Did it detect anything?


This will help us continue to investigate these attacks.