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Email IMAP set-up for Nokia Lumia 520


I have just purchased a Nokia Lumia and it is working well.  The only problem I have is that the email is set-up as POP3 as a default on both my mobile phone and my computer.

I have checked the VirginMedia mail-server and changed my account to an IMAP account.

When I use the emails on a tablet or laptop they seem to work well (using IMAP settings) but I don't seem to be able to change the settings on my home PC (running Windows 7 operating system and Office2010) or my windows mobile phone using the Mail client.


if anyone knows how to set this up or change the details for either of these devices then please let me know.



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Re: Email IMAP set-up for Nokia Lumia 520

You can't change an existing account in office from pop to imap.  You have to create a new account in office using the imap settings.  The same may well be the case for your windows phone.

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