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Duplicate emails suddenly started - Outlook 2010

As of today, I've suddenly started receiving duplicate emails whenever I send an email message. It's exactly like I've bcc'd myself - except I haven't!


I've checked all my Virgin webmail settings (all correct), and have also gone into Setttings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP and selected "Enable POP for all messages that arrive from now on". I've also checked all my settings in Outlook, and they are exactly as they should be.


None of this makes any difference - I'm still getting a duplicate email arriving in my Inbox for every outbound message I send.


Has anyone else got this problem?


Any suggestions on what to do to fix this?

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Re: Duplicate emails suddenly started - Outlook 2010

Hi Vaughan,


I too have had this since Monday but I have just run a test and the problem appears to have gone away without me changing anything.


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Re: Duplicate emails suddenly started - Outlook 2010

Hi Nigel


Thanks for the info.


I've done a bit of searching through the Forums, and one or two people have had this problem as well, although not recently from what I can tell.


So based on some previous suggestions, I've now removed "recent:" in my Outlook account settings, and this seems to have sorted it out.


The concern is why it happened in the first place though.