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Downstream/Upstream Figures. What do they mean?

Does anyone know if this is good or bad?





Cable Modem Downstream
Downstream Lock : Locked
Downstream Channel Id : 1
Downstream Frequency : 330750000 Hz
Downstream Modulation : QAM256
Downstream Symbol Rate : 6952 Ksym/sec
Downstream Interleave Depth : taps12Increment17
Downstream Receive Power Level : 8.4 dBmV
Downstream SNR : 39.0 dB
Cable Modem Upstream
Upstream Lock : Locked
Upstream Channel ID : 2
Upstream Frequency : 22200000 Hz
Upstream Modulation : QAM16
Upstream Symbol Rate : 2560 Ksym/sec
Upstream transmit Power Level : 40.0 dBmV
Upstream Mini-Slot Size : 2


Error Log:

Mon Apr 26 21:13:56 2010 Mon Apr 26 21:13:56 2010 Critical (3)Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received -



Can someone please explain if this means everything is ok

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Re: Downstream/Upstream Figures. What do they mean?

Hi Charasmatic_One,

The downstream power level is a little bit high, but modems can still fully finction with no problem at all with this level.  I will need you modem switched on and leaving on whilst we run some tests from our end.




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