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Downloads corrupted - MD5 sums different everytime

Hi -- I'm a new poster with a very annoying issue!


Large downloads are being corrupted every time.


For example, this is the Apple iTunes 64 bit Windows download URL:


I have tested this download multiple times on 3 different computers.  Every time, the file will fail to extract.  So, I started some further troubleshooting...


I used Microsoft's MD5 checksum utility and started looking at the checksums.  Every time I download the file I will get a different checksum.


I've tested over a wired and wireless connection and every time still get a different MD5 checksum.


So, I fired up the work laptop, connected over a VPN tunnel and downloaded the file and -- hey presto! -- the download works just fine.  For reference, here is the working MD5 checksum for the above download:  29e196a648d602bc35b68933edf10738 


I've had umpteen different checksums when downloading straight to my home computers.  Does anyone from Virgin care to let me know what the heck is going on?  Are there any other users experiencing corrupted downloads?





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Re: Downloads corrupted - MD5 sums different everytime

Hi stinksoup


When you tested this with a wired connection was this wired directly to the modem or to the router?  If the latter can you test it again with a direct connection from PC to modem and let us know if the issue continues?


Lee Grant

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