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Download backup and storage

Does anyone know the link to download backup and storage to your desktop?  I just downloaded it about ten mins ago and cant seem to find the link again?


I dont get the oppertunity to download it from when I am signed into my Apps as it keeps coming up with an error message.


Thanks in advance



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Re: Download backup and storage



There are direct links to the download files that you don't need to login via My Virgin Media to get:


For Windows:​ff_backup_Setup.exe


For Mac:​ff_backup_Setup_MAC.dmg



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Re: Download backup and storage

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I've been trying to download the backup app for PC but i'm assuming it's moved as the link above shows a network error.


I've also tried from the link in my virginmedia apps


but this doesn't work either.


Does anyone have a link to download it?





I should mention i already have a backup account (created several years ago) as i understand you can't create new accounts at the minute

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Re: Download backup and storage



I've just tested those links again and they do work - a very slow download speed, but the files are still there, and that's the official VM location for them.


AFAIK there's no other legitimate VM link online, but someone else may be able to point you at somewhere else to get them....