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Disposal of old Virgin digital box

Hi all, 


We have an old Virgin media digital TV box that we need to dispose of (since been replaced with a more up to date version, also from Virgin).  Is this something that is of use to anyone?  If not, do Virgin take these back for safe/environmentally friendly disposal?





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Re: Disposal of old Virgin digital box

It's not yours to dispose of.  All of Virgin's equipment remains the property of Virgin Media.  You only have it as part of your subscription. Surprised it wasn't collected when you had the upgrade done. Ring them on 150 (free VM phone number from a VM phone) and ask for a a pre-paid envelope to send it back, or details of their nearest collection point. If they really don't want it, and tell you so,  take it to your nearest recycling depot for environmentally friendly disposal. It is of no use to anyone else.  Virgin will not connect a box they haven't provided to the network.

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