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Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

Thanks to other people that have posted this solution I just thought it would be better listed with a clear subject line, it took me a while to find the solution.


Google Mail has spam filtering on by default.  It has already mis-filed an email from Direct Line so if, like me, you want to turn this feature off then you have to set up your own filter to override the Google filter.


Logon to Webmail -> click "Settings" -> "Filters" -> "Create A New Filter" -> type "is:spam" into "Has the words" -> click "Next Step" -> ignore the warning -> click "Never send it to Spam" -> click "Create Filter".


If this is wrong in any way go to the source... (and Kudos to them)


Right I'll go and do the same to my other mailboxes...


For the record I resent the fact that Virgin has done this to me, I pay them to host my email and now I have to administer my mail accounts on a third party system.

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

 Well, I've tried going down the filter route to try to disable the spam filter. I've created a filter for each of the three email addresses we use, directing "do not send to spam" yet we are still getting messages sent there! And it's a pain in the backside to have to keep logging on to webmail to check that Virgin haven't misappropriated any useful emails.


 This is not the only problem with Virgin taking control of my emails, it has also sent read receipts, which I have set my webclient NOT to do, but I can't find any way to stop.


 Also, does anyone know how VM can be set up to delete messages completely straight away? I don't want them sitting in my VM bin for a month before Virgin decide it's ok to delete them, so at the moment I have to keep logging on to VM to empty the bin too!


 Generally I find I have less options and less control with Virgin Mail and am considering changing my email provider to one that gives ME contol.


 Hmm, do I sound like a control freak??? Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

curious that the spam filter solution does not work for you. Is there a possibility that a space has crept into the string is:smap ? I have not tried experimenting with a space to see if it mucks it up, but for me it works perfectly with no spaces. I have also got it to label all would-be spam as "luncheonmeat" instead, that way when I do log into webmail I can see what sort of stuff it considers to be spam. So far it agrees 100% with Outlook.

I have done this on two separate logins (i.e. two different mailboxes) and it works for all email addresses within each maibox as expected.

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

More to the point is why we should have to play around with all the settings.


Everything worked fine until someone decided to 'upgrade' us.

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

For anyone else trying this via Firefox - you may need to do it through IE. When I tried I didn't get the warning and there was no option to  click "Never send it to Spam". 

Changing the user agent didn't work and I had to resort to IE, adding to the frustration

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

 No, I definitely didn't leave any spaces. Some junk gets sent on, but quite a bit is being sent straight to the spam box still Smiley Mad


 Have now opened a hotmail account and will close down my VM when everything's sorted - who needs this sort of hassle?!

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

There is one important thing that you must do for disabling SPAM filter to work (as I was stumped for ages). In your Virgin Media web mail page, you MUST be in 'standard view'. If your in 'basic HTML' view (like I was), disabling the SPAM filter does not work because the option to disable is not there.

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

Thanks for the great tip! I can't understand why Virgin doesn't include this in its "how to turn the spam filter off" FAQ - all it says is "use your Spam options". I looked everywhere and could not find anything called "spam options". I lost three days' work - worth about £600 - this week because Google/Virgin filters decided an email from a client - whom I've received email from before and replied to without problem - was spam,and so I never received it. 

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Re: Disable (Turn Off) Google Spam Filter

But what exactly is standard view, I haven't a clue what I'm in, where does it tell me.

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