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Disable NAT on Superhub



I just had 50meg installed with the "Super Hub" box. Trying to disable the NAT on this device and can't seem to find the setting on the box. Any suggestions on how you disable this/turn it into a bog standard modem/bridge?



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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

You can't until VM bring out a firmware update slated for sometime in Quarter 2 this year, I wouldn't hold your breath though it was supposed to be January. 


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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

where is this Q2 date from? VM originally promised this firmware as  Iunderstand it back in oct 2010, so 3 months and counting for a simple bridge feature is horrendous.


The features I need are actually on the superhub, but its very buggy, and it stop responding to pings when port forwarding is enabled, so I disabled all the prot forwards and instead used DMZ to my dir615 router, this seems to have solved the ping issue at the moment but is a situation I shouldnt be in.  For others who use Features like WOL, ddns, changing dns servers etc. all cannot be done on the superhub.

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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

Hi daveyrb,

I can confirm that we are looking to implement a bridged mode on all of our hubs. With regards to a release date for this firmware revision we are working towards a year quarter 2 release.



John H

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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

Perhaps they'll be including the myriad other missing features making bridge mode redundant Smiley Happy

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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub



Q2 will be from April untill June.



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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

You can't disable it? How useless, guess I'll have to have a chat with customer services then and consider cancelling within the 28 days.


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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

Since we are coming to the end of quarter 2 can we have an update on this functionality and the release of the firmware to enable it?





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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub


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Re: Disable NAT on Superhub

[ Edited ]

if your using your own router/firewall.


set the ip of VMSH to something like  (subnet  Leave DHCP on, change starting ip to 2 and end to 5.


attach your router and let it pick up any address in the range  Also change your own routers ip to /24 (subnet 


Now check DHCP table on VMSH, and copy the mac address of your router and set the ip that has been picked up by your router as a static reserve. DO NOT set the static ip on your router as their is no routing options on the VMSH.


Once you have set the static reserve on VMSH, goto the DMZ section and set the ip to whatever the router picked up, and unselect respond to ping on WAN.


DONE...dmz lets everything through.  By leaving DHCP on with subnet set to on VMSH still allows you to connect some devices to the VMSH, but because their is no routing options on the VMSH any devices attached to the hub cannot be seen by devices attached to your router.


MODS I suggets making this a sticky, maybe tidy it up a little.