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Re: Data speeds

could it be this is a nano-sim issue? Or some of you guys have a regular micro-sim?

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Re: Data speeds

My SIM is an original from 2003!


It's currently residing in a Sony Xperia U which I got for £20 as I had £80 rewards to use.

Anyone know if I'll have to get it unlocked to move? (I rooted it without issue.)

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Re: Data speeds

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I would suggest you unlock it even if you decide to stay...

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Re: Data speeds

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Hi all,


I've received confirmation that we're trialing a speed cap which has been in place since mid-Feb and is applicable to Contract and PAYG customers, but excludes Mobile Broadband.


The current cap is 2Mb/s download, 0.5Mb/s upload. We are doing this to ensure we can offer a good level of service to all customers.


As this is still in trial we are actively monitoring customer feedback to determine its success as we believe this is vital in ensuring we're delivering the best experience for our customers.


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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Bright Spark
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Re: Data speeds

thanks for confirming. Guess the next question is when does the trial end ?

my feedback is this isnt what i signed up for and see no benefit in a speed cap , i accept that at certain times the network will be congested but thats not a problem for me.

if the speed cap stays ill go as a customer

Bright Spark
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Re: Data speeds

It's been a success, Krystal. I'm now trialling Vodafone. There's my feedback. Tethering gone, FUP changed, speed cap trial. I had an excellent service before, then I had a shabby service. So Virgin Media are trialling what shabby service they can get away with without customers complaining. This is beyond belief.
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Re: Data speeds

Is there anyway we can get our thoughts listened to by some form of compromise? I I know giff a gaff give the community a chance to vote for major changes like this with options of different compromise..
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Re: Data speeds

I could get no more than 2mbps on my mobile broadband in a dongle or in an iPad. Tried several locations maybe just unlucky.


I tried a 3 mobile sim which has better than 10mbps in same locations, is cheaper and allows me to tether using an iPad as hotspot which I couldn't do with vm. I'm afraid you have lost one customer over this.


I still have vm home bb, phone and tv and also a vm mobile phone. I am annoyed about the bb cap and may also cancel that.


I am sure you will get plenty of feedback.

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Re: Data speeds

I too have 2Mb/0.5Mb cap, these speeds are acceptable for general browsing but it feels so unresponsive, I restored my phone numerous times thinking it faulty, when I called CS to ask why for a week my data was so slow (non existant) I was told that I was incapable and to take my phone to apple store, told here same issue when sim inserted into unlocked S3 and S2 she then hung up!

Also why have a super fast phone and your provider slows it down? I use about 50 mins a months talktime, most of time spent using apps or programs which require data.

Tried a three sim in my S2 and bingo, 7+Mb down, Experia Z in white being delivered on Wed from three, just scouring the net to see where I will take my £100 p/m home media package...

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Confirmed Cap

Well, at least we aren't being lied to about the cap, that is something. But Virgin, you need to stop lying to your customers about unlimited data, because you *are* limiting their usage with this cap.


I expect a lot of customers will go elsewhere though.


I believe the cap has been implemented very poorly and as such causes periodic bursts of high speed data, which is ok for browsing, but that it about it.


It is useless for streaming at any decent bitrate or video because you continually get buffering, therefore, in my opinion, the cap doesn't work and the implementation is flawed because it doesn't allow 2mbit most of the time.


Basically, the whole thing stinks of a bait and switch. Entice customers in with unlimited deals, then cap the hell out of it to make it cheaper for VM because most customers will stay about because it is cheap.


Pfffttttt. People should ditch VM for everything. Don't give them a penny.