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DNS server might be unavailable

Hi there, It's a cryout for help as i about to lose hope at my issue ever been fixed.. Problem is : internet connection just drops (both wired and wireless). And Windows Network Diagnostics tells me to "Contact your network admin or ISP - the DNS server may be experiencing problems". And then I get standard - "your DNS server might be unavailable". My equipment: i have 1 yo laptop with Windows 7 (please note - the problem start occuring about a month or two ago). I have what seems to be old standard "virgin media" branded modem (tiny black box) + standard Netgear wireless router that comes w virgin media setup pack. I have noticed that whenever i have no internet that tiny black box has the following : "sync" light flashes and then goes on and afterwards "ready" light just flashes non-stop and never goes on.. Indicating that modem not ready. To note: connection drops and comes back automatically. However i can be without connection for 10+ hours, and then it comes back again. What i've tried: i ve resetted modem. I tried manually inputting DNS addresses and flushed dns. My drivers up to date and i ve tried about every fix that i can find online. Please help any advise would be appreciated.
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Re: DNS server might be unavailable

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what dns ip addresses are you using?


as if you are you can use other dns providers like opendns

also it could be a problem with the modem or router


i would disconnect the router and do a direct connection to the modem and see if that works

if not then more then likely it is a problem with the modem which will need to be replaced by calling tech support 150 (free from a vm landline) option 2,3,2 or wait here for 2-4 days for a member of staff to reply


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Re: DNS server might be unavailable

Hi alexzzz,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing connection problems, can you please post your modem logs as described here and a traceroute to, and we'll look into this for you.


Can you also please post from your Virgin connection so we can locate your account and run additional checks on you modem and network segment.

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