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DIR-615 constantly drops connection to wired and wireless PCs

I have had a DLink DIR-615 D4, Firmware 1.00 VG, since 11/2010

It is constantly dropping connection to both a wired PC and a wireless laptop requiring a re-boot and has done this since it was acquired. This can happen up to five times in one night. 

Usually all the lights remain green when the connection is lost although very occasionally the wireless light will go out, or the power and internet lights will turn orange and the wireless and pc lights will go out.  There is no issue with the modem that I am aware of, the correct lights remain on.

I am unable to log on to the router when this happens, getting the page not found message in my browser.

I have had enough of this pile of junk and wonder if it is possible to get a router that does what it is supposed to, that is just sit there and work without needing a **bleep** break every hour or so.

Would a replacement router from Virgin be worth it or are they all this bad?  Would a firmware update be preferable?

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Re: DIR-615 constantly drops connection to wired and wireless PCs

Hi JustsoAJ,

I have ordered a replacement router to be delivered to your home address in the next 3-7 working days.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused by the faulty router.
Kind Regards,

Neil D
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