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DIR-615 connectivity loss

I keep losing connectivity with a DIR-615 D2 ver 1.0 router provided by Virgin. I have searched the D-Link website for firmware upgrades but this model does not seem to be supported by them. All I have connected to this router is my PC via an Ethernet cable and my Humax HD TV decoder via a wireless link. I spent hours  trying to resolve this problem. Do anyone know what is causing this problem. Thanks.

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Re: DIR-615 connectivity loss

Hi GrahamB,



A good option in trying to resolve this issue is to change the broadcast channel from within the router config pages. To do this enter into your browser (username = admin, leave the password field blank). Channels 1,6 and 11 are the 3 channels that do not overlap but if you download a program called inSIDDer it will tell you what is the least used channel in your area. (you will need to have a wireless adapter installed on your pc for this).


John O

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Re: DIR-615 connectivity loss

If you're not a total stranger when it comes to computers then I suggest to install dd-wrt on that DIR-615, because the firmware you've got on it now it's old and chances to be updated are slim to none. Just remember to follow the instructions carefully so you wont render it useless (brick it).

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