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DINK DSL-2640R Wireless signal but not possible to connect

I have the DLINK DSL-2640R and I have no problems with internet speed. I can connect via ethernet without any problems, however Wireless is a BIG problem.


It was working and there are no changes that I can see that have changed.


With WPA enable I can see the connection on my laptop but it won't connect. (connection timeout) Very occasionally it would connect but no internet connect.


I did try to remove all security it allowed me to connect to the router but was not connected to the internet? Despite plugging in the ethernet I had an internet connection.


Any suggestions please?

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Re: DINK DSL-2640R Wireless signal but not possible to connect

Hi quiff,


Could you ensure that your wireless card drivers are all up to date and then retest the connection please.


James Gilbert

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