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Credit Rating Default

Dear Virgin Media,


I have read that you cannot respond to individual billing and account information.  However, on reading a similar post in March of this year I am hoping that you can provide me with some assurance.


I was a customer with Virgin Media for many years, only disconnecting in March of this year as I was moving in with parents.  In this time I never defaulted on a payment and each payment was paid on time  by direct debit monthly.  On phoning Virgin to disconnect my services I was advised that there would be a final payment due on my account. As I pay by Direct Debit and was not advised otherwise by the customer representative this payment would be taken by Direct Debit. 


However, in April I received a debt recovery letter for the sum of £14.17 for my Virgin Account, phoning Virgin to query this and finding out that it was in fact the final payment. I explained when paying this bill that this was the first correspondence I had received and was annoyed that I had been sent a debt recovery letter for a bill I knew nothing about. I also stated that I did not want this affecting my credit rating as I was in fact looking for a house and taking into consideration the information above it was not my fault.  I was assured at this time that it would not impact on my credit score.  


I have since put in an offer for a house and the mortgage company are saying that this late payment has been recorded on my credit file and is impacting on the mortgage offer. 


I have spoke with Credit file amendments team today who were very helpful and sent an email to the relevant department explaining my situation.  He explained that he has 'escalated' it for quickness as the usual 28 day turnaround would be too long for me in my situation. 


I am aware that this will be dealt with through the relevant department.  However, was hoping that this message could be put with the email sent by the credit file amendments team.  I also realise that it is being fast tracked.  However,  I was hoping that you could respond to this as a matter of urgency as I am 31 weeks pregnant and this is putting unnecessary stress on me and my baby.


What I am asking is for this late payment/default to be removed from my credit file as a matter of urgency due to the fact that I did not recieve any bill until the debt recovery letter came through, in which I paid in full. As stated I did not cancel my direct debit with Virgin nor my bank and so Virgin did have my bank details to take the money by Direct Debit as they had done for all other payments.  Again I would like to reiterate that I was not informed that this last payment would not be taken by Direct Debit nor did I receive any bill to inform me of money owed. 


I would be very grateful if someone in Virgin could email respond to this post.  Please also accept my apologies in posting here but on searching for a relevant email address I was coming up blank.








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Re: Credit Rating Default

Hi jayneclark32, 


I'm sorry to hear about this.


As you mentioned, we are unable to deal with any billing issues so the only thing we can do is refer you to the relevant department, which you are already dealing with. 


There is nothing we can do at the forums about this i'm afraid Smiley Sad 



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