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Connecting Samsung TV to wireless router

I have just tried to connect my Samsung TV via their supplied dongle to my router to share on the network. The TV recognises my home network and its WPA security but won't connect to the cable fed Belkin wireless router using my security key word. (the word was recently verified by a visitor from abroad).


What next to try or is the router/Virgin system unable to link to a computerised telly?


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Re: Connecting Samsung TV to wireless router

Hi JohnB


I have a Samsung tele, connected to my belkin router via cat5. I a able to play avi, mp3 etc from my PC to the TV.


My first guess would be that you are using a MAC Address Control List. So you'll need to add the MAC address for the wireless adaptor for the TV to your routers allow list.


You'll need to log in to your router, go to the MAC Address Control List and check if the MAC address is listed. If your not sure what the MAC is, it'll probably be on a sticker on the adaptor in a form similar to this 00-00-00-00-00-00 or 00:00:00:00:00:00


Also check if the TV has pickup an IP Address.

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