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Changing source on TV using TiVo remote

Hi All, i have just got my new TiVo and it is great apart from a few settings i have not quite worked out yet....


I have programmed the remote to change the volume etc and turn the tv off with the power but im having a little trouble changing the source of my tv with the tivo remote. I Have a Sony Bravia W5500 and have 5 inputs. the way the source change works on my tv is you press the source button once to bring up the source menu and each source button press after this skips to the next source....


When i press and hold the text button on the TiVo remote the source menu does appear,i then have to release and press and hold the text button again to change to the next source. this does work but if i want to jump two source inputs i have to repeat the process again for eaach input which can be a bit tedious. Is there any other way to change the inputs like a single press of a button rather than a long hold....



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Re: Changing source on TV using TiVo remote

I have a Sony TV and the source selected works but it's too fast for me.  The sources scroll past very fast and no matter how quick I am I can't release my finger fast enough to pick the source I want.


Having said that though it isn't a problem to me I simply get up out of my chair and pick up the Sony TV remote and change with that - at least it gives me some exercise!

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Re: Changing source on TV using TiVo remote

Glad you posted this as i didn't know how to do it. Can just use my TV remote, but, as you say it's too quick, if you release the text button at the input source before the one you want, it seems to skip down to the next one. 

Works on my Toshiba anyway.

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Re: Changing source on TV using TiVo remote

[ Edited ]

Hey guys when changing the source with the tivo remote, for that matter with any remote it is a pain in the butt ! - you can go into your TV menu then go to display and then source selection - or with tivo remote hold the text button till the list appears but u will still have to use your Sony remote control to change sources.


sorry guys hopefully in the near future we will have a function to do it for you's, trying to explain this to sum1 over the phone is difficult enough lol !!


hope this answer helps ! Smiley Happy

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