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Change Virgin Media Account Password - Fault

I logged onto my Virgin Media Account today, 16th June, 2013. I got shown a webpage with a "Change Your (Virgin Media User Account) Password." So, that's my main password which says that I am a Virgin Media account holder.


Well I went through the web-form filling in a new Password. Virgin Media say that the policy is to change a User's password every so often, for security reasons.


When it came to clicking the "Continue" button at the completion of this Change Password Form, I clicked the "Continue" button and this faulted. It did nothing.


Now, I don't know if my new password was accepted. And, so I thought to let this community know that this can happen. I am somewhat anxious as to whether I get in my Virgin Media Customer Account with my old/usual password, or do I access my account with the new password which I put in that form which faulted.


What do you say?

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Re: Change Virgin Media Account Password - Fault

id try it with the old password once and if it works then i would either ignore any future requests to change password or go and change it off your own back.

and try also with the new password if the old one doesnt work.



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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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Re: Change Virgin Media Account Password - Fault

Fair enough advice. Fair enough. Just one question about your advice: Is it not necessary then to have to change the "My Virgin Media" account password? Also, I'm sure that it was not a "spoofed" webpage, it was the genuine Virgin Media website webpage. Also, I wonder if my Virgin Media Security application blocked that "Continue" button for some reason -- that would be ironic indeed!


It is odd though, that I appear to be the only person who has experienced this particular fault. I mailed Virgin Media and told them what happened -- this was two days ago -- their Contact Form had a notice on it to say that they'd be back to me soon and they have not done so.

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Re: Change Virgin Media Account Password - Fault

I had this particular issue before.


I changed it to the same password as before. It ALLOWED IT. That in itself is a security issue.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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Re: Change Virgin Media Account Password - Fault

[ Edited ]

Okay good people, I've found the reason why.


The "Change Password" form, for the Virgin Media main accont deos not accept "COPY" and "PASTE" operations on the text.


You see, I had created a New Password in a Text Editor (Microsoft Notepad), and I had then copied from Notepad to PASTE into the "Change Password" form's "New Password" text entry space.


Because of this, the script which processes the data entered into the Change Password form simply rejected my COPIED and PASTED password. But, it did not tell me that it had failed my new password on account of me having PASTED it into the New Password entry Text-box.


So, that was the reason for the mysterious "fault" on the "Change Password" form. The creators of that form should indicate, tell one in advance, of all the things that you won't be permitted to do with regard to entering in data into that form -- but, and of course, they did not. They knew it, though. So, that's a shame.


So, I'm okay now. Thanks to the fact that I have software programming training and I've created Web-forms before, myself. Thus I was able to find the technical and software reason for the unexpected behaviour (and none too helpful too), of that form. Then, I did what that form would allow me to do and finished changing my Main Account Password.


Just thought someone or you all would appreciate the above information. And, good luck!