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One to Watch
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Cant logon on to mail on Windows Live Mail.

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Every time I try to sign in,  the logon box comes up again time after time even though I have put in all the correct details. I can`t send mail, but I can receive it. Sometimes the emails will send, and then they won`t, this is so frustrating!!

Bright Spark
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Re: Cant logon on to mail on Windows Live Mail.

Me too, since Friday evening.


I have treid deleting account (now lost all my saved emails and folders) and re entering using all the instructions VM have provided.


To be honest I think I've had enough of Outlook anyway, mainly use GMail which is so much better as it truly syncs with all your devices.  Have set up to fwd my VM emails to Gmail so at least will still get them.


Somethings a miss, I had problems like this before with Outlook but not for a while - now it's back to haunt us again!

Bright Spark
Posts: 58
Registered: ‎14-12-2011

Re: Cant logon on to mail on Windows Live Mail.

Now it may be a coincidence but after tearing my hair out with this over the last 48hrs I suddenly had a Eureka moment when waking up this morning.  Might work for you?

About a few months back and somewhat annoyingly, VM asked me to change my long standing and trusted password for accessing myvirginmedia.  So this I duly did and for some reason still had to use the old password to gain access to my email when not using outlook.

Well, this morning I re-entered all my details into Outlook and used the 'new' password (or not so new if you get me!).  Hey presto, Outlook now chugs along happily - albeit without all my saved folders, that one looks like I'll have to take on the chin.  If I go onto VM mail's site some of my old sent items are still there but I set up ages ago for Outlook to delete mail from server once deleted from Outlook so never mind.


This is a mixture of bad luck and poor support from VM - True it's my responsibility how I access my email's but why all of a sudden does the password suddenly rear it's ugly head. 


The above all said, it's still a possibility that there may have been issues with VM mail and Outlook over last few days - if this is the case then it's def not my responsibility.


Still move on and as I've said before, Outlook really isn't worth using much these days as GMail (for example) is in my opinion much more useful as syncs beautifully whether you have an iPad,iPhone,Laptop, Android, Carrier Pigeon, Go-for etc etc etc.