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Cannot sign into webmail

Hi all, anyone know how to get help for Virgin Media, although the service is good, by far the worst customer service I have ever encountered.


I have a simple problem, I cannot sign into my webmail - i can access email fine from IMAP client (both android and pc). 


I spent 45 minutes on the phone yesterday to 1st line support, who, fankly, was an utter joke. Finally I got though to tech support who registered my email to my account. The issue appeared to bethe email address registered to my account was a one - mine is a one I've been using for over 10 years, this all went a bit wrong earlier this year and have just left it as a) every time I've called 1st line support it's an endless wait to talk to someone who goes though an incredibly condascending and lengthy q and a session and b) i use IMAP, so no worries. However I would like to use webmail as i used to be able today


Since yesterday, now not only can I not use webmail, I now cannot sign into my virgin media account. I've tried resetting passwords - I just get an error page, is there any way I can speak to someone who isn't 1st line support - I refuse to go through 30-60 minutes of wasting my time to resolve what should be a simple problem.


Sorry all for the ranting, I'm at the stage where all i can thing of is cancelling my Direct Debt in the hope someone talks to me.


I've also previously used the contact us form and went into some detail. Virgin got back - with the response call the support line. What a joke!

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Re: Cannot sign into webmail

Hello drivett,


I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your Webmail access.


You will need to call technical support on 151 for free from a Virginmedia phone line or 0845 454 1111 (chargeable) from any other phone line and an agent will help you with this issue as we cannot deal with it via the forums due to the legal requirement to clear DPA.

Peter L
Help & Support Forum Team

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