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Cannot connect to wireless

Hi - we had Virgin Media (Superhub) installed just this afternoon.

We have two laptops and one xbox in the house; one laptop and the xbox both have connected to the wireless network fine, but the other laptop just will not connect. The network has been detected and pops up on the list at full signal strength, but when we click to connect it just goes straight to the message 'unable to connect to virginmediaxxxxx'. It has not even prompted me for my inital password to connect to the network. As I said, all other devices in the home are working on it fine.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Cannot connect to wireless

What model wireless adapter is the laptop using?

Have you tried updating the driver from the manufacturer's website?

What OS is the laptop running? if Vista check out the sticky at the top of the forum.

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Re: Cannot connect to wireless

using the Superhub wireless router and modem in one provided by Virgin Media themselves.

Running on Vista Home Premium - saw the sticky and checked for this update but it wasnt on the list. Ran all other available updates anyway but still no luck.

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Re: Cannot connect to wireless

Welcome to the world of the superhub! Dud.


Try hard wiring the laptop to the dud. Double check those windows updates! Make sure you get the ones not automatically installed. Update the driver for the wifi card.


Shut down laptop. Reset the dud.


Try again...


I had the same issues upon installation with my Vista laptop - the xboxes and other laptops were fine. Also, as a fresh install - check your power adapter - make sure the installer wasnt lazy and used the old one - which is the wrong voltage!


You'll be back on these forums soon no doubt with other issues, poor wifi, keeps dropping connections & dies, slow, high pings etc....


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Re: Cannot connect to wireless

Hi KS1302,


If all your other devices connect to the network and work then the issue will be with the laptop rather than the SuperHub.


If you are not being asked for a password or passphrase/network key then try removing the network key from the wireless properties option in network and sharing centre.


Once this has been removed search again for the network and try to connect you should now be asked for a network key/ passphrase or password.



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