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Registered: ‎14-01-2010
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Cannot connect to the internet!



I recently got my Virgin internet installed. I set up the NetGear router following the instructions on the CD and created my Network. Yet, I cannot connect wirelessly. The Virgin Wireless Manager tells me to turn my computer, router and modem off and then on again which I have tried many times each time hoping it would work, but it doesn't. However, I can connect to the internet when an ethernet cable is plugged in, connecting my laptop to the router.


I have made sure the DNS settings are on automatic on the router.

I have tried disabling my firewall (AVG) and then connecting, but, when I view the networks I can connect to there appear to be none saved, despite my firewall asking me to create a rule for the network.

My wireless adaptor (built in) did need updating but I have now done that and it says there are no more updates to be found.


I am on Vista and in my previous flat my laptop connected to a VIRGIN network wirelessly.


Please can somebody help! Any suggestions???

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