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Cannot connect to



I have been unable to connect to the router webpage, either wirelessly or through the ethernet cable.


I've tried through explorer, chrome, and firefox, - on two seperate computers, and nothing connects.


I have a new virgin super hub.   From what I can tell, there are at least 3 other virgin media accounts in our immediate neighbours' flats.  Does this make a difference?


My wireless connection speed is next to useless, and I'd like to try to change the channel, but can't without accessing


Please help.


Thank you

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Re: Cannot connect to

I would check that you do not have a proxy enabled in your web browser.

If you are in Modem Mode try

You could then trying rebooting the hub.

If that fails you can try a pinhole reset of the hub.

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Re: Cannot connect to

Hi mcmossey,


Can you please confirm whether griffin's advice has helped you to resolve this issue?


David Owen
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Re: Cannot connect to

Hi there.


I had the same problem.... wouldn't go to the virgin hub home page .... just sat there and sometimes came up with an error.


I tried the re-set button - no joy....

I unplugged it for 10 seconds WORKS Smiley Happy


Cheers !



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Re: Cannot connect to

Hi Jastongue,


Glad that worked for you Smiley Happy If this happens again, try a factory reset by holding the pin into the reset hole for at least 60 seconds. 

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