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Cannot Web access emails any more

I have 4 emails with , I can access these with no problem via the Web browser. (as I always have)

I have 4 email addresses with I used to have to go to the "virginmedia gateway " and change the button to (from to then sign in .

The "gateway" facility is no longer there and sign in page  asks me to update and confirm my account when trying to sign in ( as per another previous posting.


I have checked my account and all email addresses are still there registered. The virginmedia .com are working in and out ok via my Outlook client. I only access my addresses occasiona via the Web Browser to " tidy them up ".


Please can the "gateway" radio button page be repaired brought back ?

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Re: Cannot Web access emails any more

Can you access the virginmedia accounts vie this link: ?

You need to make sure you are logged out of any ntlworld webmail sessions before you log into the virginmedia accounts

I don't work for Virgin Media. There are no guarantees that my advice will work.
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Re: Cannot Web access emails any more

yes thanks Graham..................that does the trick..................I also see an approximation of the original "gateway" 4 button option is contained in Mark Wilkins post  of 25th April "new emal look", this also works.


But it is confusing  when you are redirected as described in HB99`s post and it doesn`t solve the problem.

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Re: Cannot Web access emails any more

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Hi InfamousAngel 


I'm glad that Graham_A has helped you with this, thanks Graham_A.

Kind Regards,

Luke Thomas
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